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Florence Welch

I don’t know why. Advertisements

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Video Games Are My Favourite Video Games


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Deciding Who I Hate Least

Once again, I’m behind the curve. When Mass Effect 2 came out last year on systems I couldnt play it on, I didn’t really mind. I hadn’t played the first and was never big into Bioware RPGs. Then I played … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Firstly, did anyone else see that Brotherhood ad that was the still image of Ezio and his groupies, except someone thought “People need to see moving images for an ad to work!” so a poor animator was tasked with making … Continue reading

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Wake Up In A Car Crash, No Clue How You Got There

Hello! Well, the title isn’t completely true in this case, I know how I got here. Originally, I wanted but that was taken by some woman with a single post. The nerve! I mean, who stops blogging on a … Continue reading

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